The Armenian genocide
  • It began in the Turkish government 1915.
  • Ethnic tensions between Turks and Armenians.
  • The government ordered the massacres to reduce the Armenian expression.
  • Idea of “Turkism” to replace “Ottomanism”
  • They deported 1.5million Armenians to the desert where they starved.
  • Suffered with discrimination.
  • They were arrested, deported, starved and executed.
  • Began a long march to relocation in the desert.
  • Brought no support from U.S.
  • There were not that many commitment to help in the international community
  • There were little help and fraction of survivals
  • Four hundreds people of the Turks involved were arrested.
  • Domestic trial s was held.
  • The genocide tough went forgotten.
  • On September 1, 1939
  • Nazi Germany
  • Invasion of Poland
  • Jewish question
  • 1933 Hitler sent for boycott of Jewish business
  • Belief that the Germans were the “master race”
  • Anti-Semitism rose.
  • A plan focused on annihilating the whole Jewry in Europe.
  • The undesirables such as Gypsies, homosexuals Slavs and disabled people were put in concentration camps.
  • Forced to wear the yellow star.
  • Murdered in gas chambers.
  • Death marches and forced labors were implemented.
  • Horrific images of the holocaust were made after the liberation.
  • Held the Nazis accountable for their crime.
  • Jews were moved to the state of Israel.
  • International commitment to humanitarian
  • The Allies implemented trials.
The Cambodian Genocide
  • The communist party of Democratic Kampuchea (Khmer Rouge) 1970
  • Prince Sihanouk created a communist violent organization called Khmer Rouge.
  • Imagined a communist Cambodia, wanted to exterminate all the classes’ differences, cities and property.
  • Envisioned a perfect society capable of feeding itself.
  • Religion was forbidden
  • Execution, starvation, disease, and overwork. To ant people who resisted the state rule.
  • People with glasses r have any intellectual ideas were executed.
  • Families were split apart
  • Ended when the Vietnamese had invaded and overthrew the Khmer Rouge.
  • Lead to the death of two million Cambodians.
  • No news spark and no outside knowledge of what was going on.
  • The American policy in Vietnam contributed to the rise of Pol Pot.
  • Very little was done to help stop the genocide.
  • Ended in 1979, but only because of Vietnam’ border problem that it ended.
  • Little international commitment to the help with infrastructure.
  • Not until 1991 that the U.S began assisting Cambodia in its justice gain.
  • Criminal trials to hold the Khmer Rouge got genocide and crime against humanity began.
  • March 2003 the genocide court would start from UN.